America’s Kids in Motion Online Absence Reporting System

America’s Kids in Motion Absence/Courtesy Lesson Policy Terms & Conditions

At America’s Kids In Motion, courtesy lesson vouchers are issued because we understand that life happens! The following requirements for vouchers are made so that the courtesy lesson process is fair to everyone. Courtesy lessons are a privilege that we are happy to offer, however, no exceptions to the following rules are allowed, so please do not ask.

Qualifying for a Courtesy Lesson Voucher

To qualify for a courtesy lesson voucher, the scheduled lesson must be canceled by 10:30 a.m. on the scheduled lesson date. If you do not report the absence, you forfeit any possible courtesy lesson.

If an absence is reported after the deadline a courtesy lesson voucher will automatically be denied. However, if you are reporting an absence after the deadline due to sudden, last minute,  unforeseen circumstances (ex: family emergency, sudden illness, car accident, etc.) please include the details of these circumstances in the box marked ‘Absence Details’. All absences submitted after the deadline will be reviewed and either approved or denied at the discretion of the America’s Kids in Motion Absence Manager.

Picking Up My Voucher

Courtesy Lesson vouchers are available at the Hospitality Desk on the date of your student’s next lesson (one week after absence has taken place).

Using My Voucher

Courtesy lesson vouchers may only be used if the student listed on the voucher is currently enrolled in a weekly lesson. If you have unused vouchers for a student that is taking a break/not currently enrolled in a weekly lesson be sure to keep them in a safe place, as they may be used upon re-enrollment in a weekly lesson.

Courtesy lessons taken must be part of the same program (Swim, Gym or Dance) as the lesson that was missed.

Use of a courtesy lesson voucher prior to the absence date listed on the voucher is not allowed.

COURTESY LESSONS MAY ONLY BE SCHEDULED THE SAME DAY THAT THEY ARE TO TAKE PLACE. Courtesy lessons may be redeemed by calling between 8:00-10:30 a.m. on the morning you wish to use the voucher. If there is an opening you will be accommodated for a courtesy lesson that day. There will be no advanced courtesy lesson reservations taken.

All courtesy lesson enrollments are subject to class availability.

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