The purpose of the Gym U Tots program is to expose and enhance early childhood development skills. Our curriculum is based on five fundamental whole child developmental categories which include cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor and social skills. Our weekly developmental skills provide your child the opportunity to grow and learn at an age appropriate pace. We provide classes for these skills to be either introduced or mastered. A certified teacher coach will guide you and your child throughout the class as well as provide you with activities and information to integrate these fundamental lifelong skills at home.

Dress Code: Children and parents are required to wear socks into the gym at all times. All participants should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Parents will be on the floor engaging with their child, and children will be crawling, skipping, hoping and climbing. Please be sure your clothes are suitable for an hour of movement!

Gym U Tots Walking to 15 Months

Because of their innate desire to explore their new independence, we expose the children to a wide variety of props and equipment. We focus on stimulating the children’s senses through tummy time, music, soft props and mirrors, bubbles, balls and hoops.


16-23 Months

During this parent and child class we will make use of gymnastics equipment to expand your child’s gross motor development with movements such as balancing, hanging and jumping.


2 Year Olds

No worries parents, we’ve got the energy to keep up with those TERRIFIC twos! This class is a great stepping stone for your child to begin the transition from our parent and child program into an independent gymnastics class.