Ages 5 through 12 Years

Our uniquely designed tumbling classes are for children ages 5 to 12 years of age. This class is for those looking to gain or increase floor skills. The class is focused on flexibility, strength training, conditioning, body formations and proper technique. Skills begin with cartwheels and handstands and advance through back tucks and aerials. Our 2” foam floor is representative of future gym floor tumbling for cheerleaders to be, and also ensures that proper strength and skill are being achieved.

Dress Code: Leotards are required for all female tumbling students. Boys may wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. T-shirts should be tucked into the shorts/pants. Socks are not required for tumbling students.

Beginning Tumbling

In this class your child will learn the necessary skills needed to have a solid background in tumbling. These skills include safety rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, walkovers and standing back-handsprings. Your child will first be introduced to these skills and will then practice them with coach assistance until they are comfortable on their own. We will focus first and foremost on the safe progression of these skills while using proper form, technique with beginnings and endings. This class is solely focused on floor tumbling meaning; no other events such as bars or beam will be practiced.

Intermediate Tumbling

In the Intermediate Tumbling group your child will use the fundamental floor skills that they have already mastered as the foundation for more difficult skills. In this class we will instruct students on standing back tucks, aerials, running tumbling passes and more. With use of progressions, drills and coach assistance your child will be able to practice these skills in a safe environment until they are comfortable enough to do them independently. This class is solely focused on floor tumbling; meaning no other events such as bars or beam will be practiced. *A coach recommendation is required to register for this class. Call to schedule your child’s evaluation*