First and foremost, we teach our children to “love to learn!” The purpose of the preschool gymnastics program is to engrain and enhance early childhood development skills. Our curriculum is based on five fundamental whole child categories which include cognitive, language, gross motor, fine motor and social skills. Our nationally acclaimed preschool gymnastics curriculum provides your child the opportunity to grow and learn at an age appropriate pace. There is no better age to teach positive learning attitudes than the preschool years. You simply cannot turn back the clock and teach children to love learning…NOW is the time! We truly believe your child’s years spent in our Excel Gymnastics program will have more bearing on their success than their college education.

Dress Code: For children ages three and older, gymnastics (or ballet) shoes are required. Gym shoes are available for purchase at our cost price of $22 plus tax in our pro shop. Girls are required to wear leotards to class (gymnastics/dance/full piece swimming suit are all acceptable). Boys need to have their t-shirts tucked into their shorts. Please, no jeans

3 Year Olds

Busy toddler? We’ve got just the class! In our 3 year old Gymnastics class, watch your child develop independence and enhance self-discovery while participating in a fun and safe environment. This class is a great starting point for any child who wishes to learn the sport of gymnastics


4 & 5 Year Olds

Cartwheels, handstands and pullovers oh my! In our 4-5 year old class we will focus on the sport of Gymnastics by teaching your child the skills and correct technique they will need to succeed! Your child will be exposed to fundamental skills such as proper cartwheels