“America’s Kids is teaching my son, who once refused to go into a pool, to swim. Words cannot express how much that means to us!”

“The coaches are so patient and encouraging. My kids went from being afraid to asking every day if they have swim lessons”

“We love America’s Kids because my girls enjoy playing in the pool not realizing they are learning, and the confidence they have in the water. Which makes me feel great knowing they are safe as they can be”

“We love America’s Kids because of the wonderful, small business, “mom ‘n’ pop” feel to the entire organization. We truly feel as though the Klatt’s (and every coach) consider us family, and that does SO much for our kids as they are learning.”

“My daughter loves her coaches and the fun routines, recitals and costumes. I love the non-competitive atmosphere and great customer service. Oh and I think the costumes are pretty cute too!”

“We love America’s Kids because they have the best coaches and staff in the world. They care for my child and I feel safe when she is with them. Coach Suzi is patient and will to take her time teaching the techniques that r needed for my little girl to be the safest swimmer possible. thank u staff for all u do!”

“My daughter has been with America’s Kids since before she was a year old. She isn’t even 3 yet and has begun actually swimming (still wouldn’t turn my back on her for a second)….it blows my mind!!! I need to thank Coach Jessica for being a wonderful and enthusiastic teacher…my daughter’s highlight of the week is swim class!!!”

“My granddaughter Addie and I love America’s Kids, We have been with Suzy since last June in baby class. Addie started at about 6 months of age. Suzy is an awesome coach and America’s Kids is so friendly and welcoming. Thank you to all the staff at America’s Kids for making our Wednesday afternoons so much fun.”

“My son LOVES his swim coach Suzi!!!! We have taken swim therapy thru Dynamic Kids at America’s Kids and fell in love with staff & atmosphere and pools!!! We just signed up for swim lessons and he couldn’t love anything more!!!Have been to many birthday parties and would love to have one for any three of my kids!!!”

“As a single mom, I needed help making the water safe for 2 little ones. The coaches are great and getting a 3 and 6 year old to swim without mom has put my mind at ease for the summer when I will be at work and they will be with family at the pool. Thank you!”.

“There are so many reasons why we LOVE America’s Kids. Miss Macie takes Swim lessons twice a week with Coach Alyssa and Ballet, Cheer and Gymnastic with Coach Ashley. Not only does she have a blast but she’s learning so many wonderful skills and she’s gaining confidence in herself and in her abilities which as a parent is amazing to see. We hope and plan to be a part of the America’s Kids family for many many years :)”

“My kids love America’s Kids! The coaches are extremely patient with my kiddos! Kuddos to the whole America’s Kids team (especially John, Jennifer, Jessica, Chelsea, Becky, Beth and Alyssa)!”

“I love America’s Kids because the coaches are great with my daughter and she can’t wait to swim all the time. Thank you for teaching her to swim and also teaching me to swim too.”

“We LOVE America’s Kids for the confidence your coaches have given to our children; not just in their swimming technique, but in their day-to-day lives. Thank you soooo much for that, it truly is a gift;-)”

“My son Timothy had problems getting involved or interested in organized sports. But he loved swimming and looks forward to every swim lesson at America’s Kids. Thanks for a wonderful staff :-)”

“Coach Suzi got us hooked and all the coaches after have been just as great!”

“We love America’s Kids because as parents we understand the importance of children learning to swim and our son has a ton of fun in the process!!!”

“My family loves America’s Kids so much because of the awesome coaches. My son has had several different coaches since starting his swim lessons and all have been fabulous, especially Coach Becky and Coach John! With their help and dedication, he will be passing school age level 10 in a month!”

“We love America’s Kids for a lot of reasons! Our daughter is in year round swimming and she looks forward to going every week! She loves it, your pool is nice and clean, warm, you’re in a great location and everyone is always happy and welcoming when we go even if its during family swim.”

“We love America’s Kids because our daughter Mya looks forward to being there ever Saturday morning with a huge smile on her face. The coaches there are helping build the confidence in her being in the water that I lacked growing up!!! We just added a new little member to our family; Noah & we look forward to introducing him to the SwimAmerica family in the future!!!”

“America’s Kids gives us a safe, fun environment to take our girls to. If you were to ask the girls they would say “we love our coaches!” ;-).”

“My kids love America’s Kids!!! Everyone is always so nice and the instructors were so patient with my son. He was constant wanting to get out of the pool and try we’re always so patient with him. You guys are awesome!!!!”

“Love love love America’s Kids! Every coach has been great and patient. Love the family swim nights too!”.

“I love America’s Kids because the instructors are so patient, encouraging and wonderful! They have taught my daughter to have fun in the water, while being safe at the same time!”

“I Iove America’s Kids because…
They are friendly
The classes are small
My son has swam independently since he was two years old.
They keep track of my sons swimming level
He gets an award when he moves up classes
He smiles from ear to ear while he is in class!!!.”

“I love America’s Kids because both of my granddaughters have learned to swim and be safe around water. This is something will stay with them all of their lives. Loved being able to watch their progress in a warm and friendly environment. Thanks America’s Kids and the Coaches!”

“We love America’s Kids because you helped my son succeed at something he loves. He passed level 10! Swimming is something he can do forever and now he knows all the strokes he needs to excel. Thanks so much to all the wonderful instructors!”

” Love America’s Kids and coach Joneen can’t believe my five year old can back stroke, butterfly, breast stroke etc. it’s amazing!!!!! Look forward to seeing her skills mature as she one day competes 🙂 thanks for all u do!!!”

“America’s Kids has teach my son Eli how to swim, to be confident and persevere. The smile on his face each time he gets an award said it all 🙂 !!! Thank u America’s Kids and thank u to coach Chelsea she’s the best.”

“My son Jacob loves America’s Kids. We have been going since he was two. Yes…he cried and fussed, but coach Shelly was patient and kind. It took a while, but now you couldn’t even notice. He loves the water. Still with coach Shelly, Jacob has moved up. I cannot begin to tell how happy I am with not only coach Shelly but the entire staff. Becky always has a smile and always greets my son and I. When other coaches have free time to help Shelly, I have seen them interact with Jacob with warm smiles and encouragement. We really appreciate what America’s Kids has done for Jacob. Keep up the good work!”

“My children’s learning experience has been very positive. They enjoy coming every week.”

“I appreciate that our coach shows very positive reinforcement and a positive attitude.”

“America’s Kids has been great! He loves every moment of it and is showing improvement with each class.”

“My child’s coach is caring, patient, makes swimming fun and emphasizes new ways to practice fundamental skills.”

“My daughter is having fun, learning new skills, seeing/experiencing changes/improvements as she graduates from one level to the next.”

“My daughter is progressing and gaining proficiency in the water!”

“I love that my children are learning safely and properly.”

“We learned so many details in a short time. This is very helpful. I am always going to recommend others to come here for swimming.”

“My daughter is having fun, learning new skills, seeing/experiencing changes/improvements as she graduates from one level to the next.”

“Your office staff and instructors are wonderful with my daughter. She really feels like part of a community”.

“My daughter has had great growth in her development and her instructor has played a major part of that”

“My son is learning so many new things in his gymnastics class. Many of the activities are things I may not have thought to teach him.”

“I love seeing the intellectual growth in my 2 year old. She is learning numbers, counting, sounds, colors and many other cognitive achievements. I work on these things at home, but I know they are being engrained through her gymnastics and dance classes.”